Is your transport operation due diligent with its safety duties?

Did you know that the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NSW) s 26D(1) states ‘If a legal entity has a safety duty, an executive of the legal entity must exercise due diligence to ensure the legal entity complies with the safety duty’? Read more…

Why verify the competency of truck drivers?

Legal duty

Both the National Heavy Vehicle Law and Work Heath and Safety law impose a safety duty on truck driver employers and other persons conducting a business or undertaking. Penalties are significant for non compliance. Further, Transport companies risk being vicariously liable for the non-competence of their truck drivers.

Mitigate vehicle damage

An obvious benefit of truck driver verification of competency is to identify poor driving that leads to vehicle damage. Verifico can assess a truck drivers training needs and intervene with corrective training all in the one session. The team at Verifico are highly experience in heavy vehicle driver training and assessment.

Moral duty

Any reasonable person would agree that anything that can improve the safety for truck drivers and other road users is good thing. As a family-company, Verifico places significant emphasis on this duty in our own staffing arrangements. We all want our workmates to arrive home alive, and a verification of competency can support that.


Services are provided intensively which reduces costs. ELearning promotes positive assessment results which leads to cost savings. The cost of legal fees, vehicle damage, insurance premium rises and reputation damage should be considered when analysing the benefits of verifying the competency of truck drivers.

What deals are on offer?

Verification of Competency ('VOC')

Assessment only option — limited criteria
$ 179 GST exempt
  • Includes report and statement of attendance
  • Includes eLearning element
  • One hour service

Rapid Refreshment and Verification of Competency

Includes Training and Assessment
$ 349 GST exempt
  • Includes report and statement of attendance
  • Includes eLearning element
  • Two hour service

Remedial intervention, Training and VOC

Includes Training, Assessment & training needs analysis
$ 499 GST exempt
  • Includes report and statement of attendance
  • Includes eLearning element
  • Three hour service

Trusted by over 10000+ Students

Driver Solutions Pty Ltd is recognised by Transport for NSW under the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Program as a provider of heavy vehicle training and assessments for drivers wishing to obtain heavy vehicle driver licences. Verifico is the verification of competency division of the business.

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