Truck driver eLearning course for FREE

Truck driver eLearning course for FREE

For some time now, Driver Solutions Pty Ltd through its Alltruck Driver Training business, has been offering a FREE and EXCLUSIVE truck driver eLearning course for all truck licence applicants. This facility and offer will be available through Verifico, only the platform has been given a facelift and improved.

Why truck driver eLearning?

There is ample empirical evidence found by Verifico and Alltruck staff that shows truck driver students who complete the HVCBA Preparation eLearn are significantly better prepared for face-to-face training. This lifts pressure off the student as they are not hearing training content for the first time. A significant benefit of incorporating an eLearning element into our program is that it’s cheap. This allows us to keep prices competitive while not compromising on the volume of learning. Our market research indicates that customers do want quality, but don’t want to over pay for it.

It’s not required

Verifico do not require that a student complete or even commence the truck driver eLearning training; we simply offer it for free for those who wish to get a head start on their training. The technology is basic to use, and works on smart phones, tablets, and desktops.

What’s the content?

The content of the truck driver eLearning includes a lecture style presentation and a quiz for approximately twelve subjects. This reflects the truck driver training course and assessment required for Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (‘HVCBA’). What the presentations do is allow the students to hear the learning criteria explained by a professional trainer/assessor and receive tips and tricks along the way that help you pass first go.

It FREE and easy

Upon conformation of a truck driver licence training course and assessment, Verifico will send log in details and a password to our truck driver eLearning program. Follow the instructions and get started. Or don’t; it’s up to you as we don’t require it be done. For your FREE truck driver eLearning course, see the truck licence course page for details.

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